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Washington State University Health Professions Student Center

Your Future Starts Here!

The Health Professions Student Center provides intensive support and services to all WSU students who are interested in a career as a healthcare professional including graduate students and alumni.

Appointments can be conducted by telephone or via virtual appointments (Skype or Zoom).

Our pre-health experts will provide guidance in preparing for careers in:

MedicineDentistryVeterinary Medicine
NursingOptometryOccupational Therapy
Speech & Hearing SciencesNutrition & Exercise Physiology Pharmacy
Physician AssistantPhysical Therapy


2020 ‘We Made It’ Honorary Videos
Washington State University Health Professions Student Center


Congratulations to our students who have been accepted to professional health programs! We are so proud of you! Traditionally, we host an annual ‘We Made It’ Event including a catered dinner, giveaways, and guest speakers to celebrate your success. This year, we had the opportunity to honor our students achievements in a different way by creating a series of celebration videos, below!

Thank you to all students who submitted photos and quotes for the videos! The celebration videos only include students who gave us permission to include their information and does not reflect the total acceptances among HPSC students.

Medical, Dental & Physician Assistant Students

Veterinary Medical Students

Nursing Students

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition & Exercise Physiology, Speech & Hearing Sciences, Optometry and Pharmacy Students

P/F Grades & Pre-Health Students

As a result of the COVID-19 precautions and WSU’s move to an online format for classes, some departments/colleges are offering select courses as Pass/Fail (P/F).  To assist you with future planning, at the time of your application to professional health program(s), HPSC is recommending that you do not make the choice for P/F grading and instead, choose to receive a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F).

Some professional schools will accept a P/F grade for your prerequisite courses, others will not, which means you would have to repeat that pre-requisite. You may end up taking a gap year(s) and schools may change their policy about accepting your P/F grade.  You may also switch your pursuit from one health profession to another or to a graduate program and when you do, you may find that those schools for your new pursuit will not accept the P/F grade.

We deeply encourage you to reach out to your pre-health advisor/specialist, who can help you make a decision for your specific case.

Health Professions Student Center has updated its operations & function guidelines in accordance with federal, state, and regional public health recommendations, as well as, WSU guidelines. These changes are effective as of March 18, 2020.

  • Appointment Scheduling:HPSC is practicing social distancing (3-6 ft, with preference of 6 ft). We strongly encourage all students to utilize Navigate ( or phone (509-335-4549) to make appointments rather than coming into the center. Students should continue to schedule appointments either online or over the phone, as usual. A link will be sent to students participating in a Zoom or Skype session or the student’s advisor will call them at their scheduled meeting time if they are participating in a phone appointment.
  • Pre-Health Advising: Due to social distancing (3-6 ft) and WSU guidelines, all advising will be done via phone, Skype, or Zoom. No exceptions.
  • HPSC Space:In order to follow social distancing protocol and keep our space healthy, we are placing a moratorium on utilization of student activities in CUE 502 including, studying, meetings, etc. We will be able to maintain a more sanitized space by limiting activity in the center. Though the center will remain open, we will continue to limit overall activity as much as possible.
  • Workshops: Due to social distancing (3-6 ft) and WSU guidelines, all workshops will be done via Zoom or Skype. Students should RSVP for workshops on All students who have RSVP’d will be sent a link to attend that workshop via Zoom or Skype.
  • HPSC Clubs:  Due to social distancing (3-6 ft) and WSU guidelines and limiting the size of groups, all in-person club meetings are cancelled. Students should contact club officers and check social media for updates.

We encourage students to keep in contact with their pre-health advisors and specialists. Please email advisors with any questions and continue to schedule regular appointments online at or by calling 509-335-4549.











Make An Appointment

By Phone: 509-335-4549
Online: Click HERE to schedule your appointment online.

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