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WSU Health Professions Student Center Pre-Dentistry

full frontal dental x-ray

Pre-Dentistry specialist:

Nathan Hutto


The preparation program at WSU is among the most comprehensive in the nation and offers many opportunities for students. There are many ways to prepare for a career in dentistry and we are here to help you map out the path that is best for you. We encourage students to meet with us at least once each semester. We advise and support students from all majors and continue to provide support to students after they complete their degree at Washington State University.

+Dental School Requirements

Completion of pre-requisites (check with each school)
GPA: Varies, but most require a 3.5 or higher
DAT Scores: Average: 19-21
Letters of Evaluation: Up to four letters, dental schools typically require 2 from science professors and 2 from dentists. Each should write about your integrity, judgement, ethics, reliability, personal communication skills, strengths and weaknesses.
Experience: Dental schools require that students have significant shadowing experience with general and specialty dentists. Schools also look for community service participation, dental field experience, leadership skills, and the development of manual dexterity.
Personal statement: Your opportunity to make a case as to why you are the best candidate. Incorporate why you want to be a dentist, steps you have taken to accomplish this goal (reflection), provide background information, explain special situations, and describe where you see yourself in the future.
The personal interview: Interviews are used to assess the applicant’s maturity, motivation, communication skills, knowledge of the profession, and desire to contribute to society through dentistry.

+Dental School Prerequisite Courses

+ Helpful Links

American Dental Association (ADA)
The ADA is the oldest and largest professional society devoted to the field of dentistry. Notably, the ADA conducts the Dental Admission Test (DAT), and DAT scores are a central requirement of dental school applications. It is therefore no surprise that the ADA website has numerous resources that can prove extremely helpful in preparing for dental school.
American Dental Education Association (ADEA)
The ADEA is the sole national organization representing academic dentistry. Its purposes are to determine and disseminate best practices for dental education and to provide its members with professional networking opportunities. ADEA is also highly interested in helping college students properly prepare themselves for a profession in dentistry.
ADEA GoDental
ADEA GoDental guides students through the process of becoming a dental professional by providing helpful resources and networking opportunities to its members. GoDental gathers information directly from its sponsor, the ADEA, and its constituents in the dental education community. Members of GoDental will have the opportunity to interact with the rest of the dental community through a variety of on-line means.