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WSU Health Professions Student Center HPSC Services

HPSC Services

As an undergraduate student, you are free to choose the academic path best suited to your interests and strengths. Professional school admission criteria is focused on core academic coursework, character, and extracurricular effort, not specific degrees earned.

The Health Professions Student Center staff can help you:

  • create a personalized course-sequence plan so you can complete the appropriate professional school prerequisite courses while simultaneously working toward the undergraduate degree of your choice.
  • prepare for the professional school application process through a variety of intensive workshops and practice interviews.
  • build a thorough and diverse resume, and guide you toward internships, scholarships, and research opportunities.

Gaining acceptance to professional school requires more than just competing a series of coursework with a sufficient GPA. The professional school admission process is extremely competitive and each healthcare field has its own nuances.

The WSU Health Professions Student Center serves all WSU students interested in pursuing a career in human or animal healthcare prepare for the rigorous professional school application process.

Our goal is to:

  • help you explore the many health professions.
  • help you get involved! We support and advise health related student clubs, which are valuable avenues for leadership experience.
  • provide support and programming that will deepen your understanding of your chosen health field.
  • assist in your search for tutors, mentors, internships, and research opportunities.
  • provide support and assistance as you prepare for professional exams.
  • help you to submit a complete and on-time application for professional school that is a strong reflection of your experience.
  • help you prepare for professional school interviews.
  • stay in touch with you during your program and after you have reached your professional goals!