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WSU Health Professions Student Center Meet the staff

Donald Allison, Ph.D., PA-C
Director, Health Professions Student Center

Smith CUE 502

Using experiences as a clinician, an academician, and a researcher to challenge students’ worldview and their approach to healthcare

Beginning his career as a physician assistant in Colorado, Donald Allison has worked over 25 years in various clinical settings including migrant community health clinics and the emergency room. In 2004, along with 13 other PAs, he had the opportunity of participating in a two-year pilot project introducing the physician assistant profession to the United Kingdom (now called physician associates in England).

Throughout his career, Donald has worked in multiple settings and in various roles with diverse populations and individuals, endeavoring to decrease healthcare disparity for Mexican migrants, and other underserved populations throughout various locations in the world. Subsequently, Donald has firsthand knowledge of the health needs of the Blackfoot community in Montana, Appalachia in Northeast Tennessee, maximum security prison communities, various groups in China, and communities experiencing health disparity in Mexico and Peru. In addition, as a traveling faculty, Donald had the privilege of teaching a semester of Medical Anthropology and Public Health, in an experiential learning format, in New Orleans, India, Argentina, and South Africa.

Donald, a native of Montana, has a Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies and a Ph.D. in Culture, Literacy, and Language. His dissertation, entitled “Mexican Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Culture, Gender, and Language Ideologies: Pláticas de HIV/AIDS,” is a qualitative study evaluating how Mexican migrant and seasonal farmworker men talk about HIV/AIDS and what their discourse reveals about culture and gender. Research interests include: linguistic landscape, health literacy, D/discourse, gender studies, cultural issues in health care, Mexican migrant farmworkers, and health disparity.

In his encounters with students, Donald uses his experiences as a clinician, an academician, and a researcher to challenge their worldview, and the approach they will use to provide healthcare to the diverse array of patients they will encounter in their future careers.


Lourdes Giordani, Ph.D.
Pre-Medical (last names A-K)
Pre-Physician Assistant
Pre-Occupational Therapy

Smith CUE 502

Specializes in assisting future physicians, physician assistants, and occupational therapists reach their goals at Washington State University

Lourdes works with students in any major interested in becoming a physician or a physician assistant. Before coming to WSU she worked as an academic advisor at Ohio University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She is a Certified Appreciative Adviser.
Lourdes’ professional experience also includes teaching anthropology to undergraduate students and advising them, ethnographic research in Latin America, and serving as the editor-in-chief of the journal Reviews in Anthropology. In 2005, she participated with other anthropologists in a project to assess the health needs of Venezuela’s indigenous population. Her work for this project among the Yabarana people appears in the publication Salud Indígena en Venezuela, which was given an honorific mention in the National Venezuelan Book Award.
Lourdes has also worked as a public school teacher to mostly Navajo students in New Mexico. Her experiences teaching and mentoring university and k-12 students motivated her to become an academic advisor.
Lourdes received her B.S. in Biology from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, her M.S. in General Biology from Eastern Michigan University, and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Lourdes views advising as a collaborative process between student and advisor that involves the two-way flow of ideas, constructive dialogue, learning, and personal growth.


Lori Eiland, M.S., DPT
Pre-Medical (last names L-Z)
Pre-Dental Hygiene
Pre-Physical Therapy

Smith CUE 502

Specializes in assisting future physicians, dentists, and physical therapists in reaching their goals at Washington State University

Lori works with students interested in applying to Medical, Dental, Physical Therapy Schools. She moved to eastern Washington from New Jersey in 2018. Lori holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Rutgers University – School of Health Professions. Lori practiced Physical Therapy (PT) for 12 years in NJ. One of the most enriching experiences she had as a PT was serving as a Clinical Instructor for undergraduate students interested in PT and graduate students enrolled in an accredited PT program. Over the course of her career, she had the opportunity to treat patients in various settings including acute care, short-term subacute rehabilitation, outpatient facilities and home care.  This exposed Lori to various members of the health care team.

While working as a PT, Lori also volunteered with students with special needs through Young Life Capernaum. It was through this experience that she developed an interest in transitioning to assisting, mentoring and teaching students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This shift in her career gave her the opportunity to work in various roles with students with special needs, ages 3-22, through a non-profit organization and in public and private education. During this time, Lori continued to collaborate with healthcare professional including PT’s, OT’s, SLP’s, audiologists, psychologists, behaviorists, nurses, social workers, and physicians.

Lori is honored to be part of the team of advisors at the Health Professions Student Center and use her combined 18 years of healthcare, non-profit, and education experiences to prepare students for their journey into health-related professions.

LeeAnn Tibbals

Pre-Nursing (last names K-Z)
Pre-Speech & Hearing Sciences

Smith CUE 502

Specializes in assisting future Nurses and Pre-Speech & Hearing Science students at WSU

A long time employee of the Health Professions Student Center (HPSC), LeeAnn Tibbals has advised pre-health students since 2004. Initially, she worked with pre-physical therapy and pre-veterinary students. Since 2012, LeeAnn has advised pre-nursing students. Additionally, she assists with planning and implementation of various events that the HPSC hosts. Her prior experience includes working for the Student Financial Aid Services at the University of Idaho.

LeeAnn believes that student success occurs when a career choice is made that will bring enjoyment to the student, even when it is different than the original plan.


Byron Gregory
Pre-Nursing (last names A-J)
Pre-Nutrition & Exercise Physiology

Smith CUE 502

Specializes in assisting future Nurses, Nutrition & Exercise Physiology, and Pharmacy at WSU


Byron works with students interested in careers in Nursing, as well as Pharmacy.  Before coming to WSU, Byron was in the Southeast United States.  He worked as a physical therapy tech for several years, as well as a personal trainer.  Byron enjoys serving and assisting others as they pursue their desired goals, dreams and aspirations.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science (Pre-PT) from Middle Tennessee State University while working and being a student-athlete.  From his experience in undergrad, Byron was able to engage in a variety of stories and experiences that shaped the way Byron would interact with those he served, advised and interacted with going forward.  Through all of his adventures, he realized his passion for assisting, advising and supporting others as they navigate their own stories.  Through health and exercise, he realized he loved championing others and had a passion for helping others in taking ownership of their stories, lives, and experiences.  Allowing them to explore and achieve their life and career aspirations.

Better understanding his passion and desire to walk in tandem alongside others, allowed Byron to realize he wanted to serve others during one of the largest, and most impactful periods of their journey—college.  Byron went on to attain his Master’s of Science in Higher Education Administration in Tennessee.  Byron is honored to join the Health Profession Student Center team of advisors and specialists, and use his experience, passion, and knowledge to advise, assist and support students throughout their adventure into the careers and passions they aspire to.

Tina Krauss

Smith CUE 502

Specializes in assisting future Veterinarians,and Optometrists at WSU

Tina works with students interested in Vet school and Optometry. She has spent the last 10 years advising Criminal Justice and Biology/Zoology students at WSU. Prior to this, she spent some time in the mid-west visiting zoos, running a movie theater and teaching online for WSU. Tina has completed two degrees at WSU, a BA in Communications (Advertising) and a Master of Arts in American Studies Digital Diversity, with an emphasis in Women’s Studies. She explored many different options in the corporate and non-profit world, before finally returning to WSU for a third time to fulfill her passion of a life in academia.

Tina believes that academia should be fun and helps student to find the balance during college that will help them to succeed in the classroom, while building the experiences they need to market themselves in the future.


Dawn M Stetler

Program Coordinator

Smith CUE 502

Dawn recently moved to the Palouse from the Vancouver, Washington area.  She spent most of her career in the dental and dental hygiene administrative arena, so this transition feels very natural to her.  Dawn also loves to travel, read and cook for her family.