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WSU Health Professions Student Center Student resources

Preparing for Your Future

You will face many decisions on your route to a healthcare career. We are here to support you and contribute to your success.

Professional advisors in the Health Professions Student Center provide expert guidance to help you become a competitive professional school candidate. We work with students from all majors. Our professional staff can assist you with the information and resources you need to design a program that will help you accomplish your goals.

First Steps

Schedule an appointment. Make sure that you are seeing a Health Professions advisor/specialist at least once each semester, every semester you are enrolled.

Partners in Planning

The professional staff in the Health Professions Student Center are committed to assisting you throughout your undergraduate education. We will help you explore your curricular options.

We also work with many student clubs specifically for health professions students and we organize workshops and special events geared toward making your progress toward professional school rewarding and enjoyable.

We are here to help you become the best applicant you can be. Our staff has years of experience guiding students through the competitive application process.

Successful Applicants

Students who are supported by the Health Professions Student Center are consistently admitted to professional schools at rates that exceed national averages. We are proud of our students and their successes!

Still in high school?

We are honored you are considering Washington State University as the place to begin your journey toward a career in healthcare.