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WSU Health Professions Student Center Gaining experience

Gaining experience through job shadowing

In order for you to know whether or not you really want a career in healthcare, you need to try it on for size first. Volunteering, job shadowing and part-time or temporary employment are all good ways to get an up-close view of the workplace and demands of the field.  You’ll learn from others and these experiences will look great on your professional school application and your resume.

When you go to your professional school interview, you will be asked why you want to join that particular profession. You will need to be well-armed to talk about your personal experiences, how you gained insight to the field, and have an understanding and proficiency in several different health-related practices.

Now is the time to find opportunities where you will be able to observe, volunteer, participate and/or work in a variety of endeavors.

Your Pre-Health Advisor/Specialist is here to help

You are strongly encouraged to seek opportunities that are available to everyone. Professional school admissions committee members will be looking for your involvement in: professional experience in the field, leadership, extracurricular activities, cultural competency, and volunteerism. WSU and the surrounding community offer an abundance of experience opportunity to help you satisfy the requirements for professional school. Your pre-health advisor/specialist will help you determine which activities will best suit your needs and help you navigate all the different experience opportunities in Pullman as well as in your hometown.

If you are a current or incoming WSU Pullman student, please visit our homepage to schedule an appointment with your pre-health advisor/specialist.

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