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WSU Health Professions Student Center Prospective Students

Still in high school?

Congratulations on starting your research early! WSU offers a broad range of degree options and has a strong commitment to fostering the next generation of healthcare professionals.

What should I do to prepare for college courses that are required for application to professional schools in health care?

All pre-professional healthcare students have to continue to study math and science at college. To prepare, our best advice is that you continue to take demanding math and science classes throughout high school.

What math should I take in high school?

Placement into chemistry classes is highly dependent on math skills.  Good algebra skills are essential for chemistry, and chemistry is the basis for biology. Our experience shows that you should focus on taking classes that lead to or include calculus. These classes might be algebra I and II, trigonometry, math analysis, pre-calculus, and calculus. Unless you have already completed a calculus class, we do not recommend taking statistics during your senior year of high school.

Health Professions Student Center professionals have found that students who take statistics in lieu of calculus or trigonometry in high school often find they have forgotten essentials of their advanced algebra and have to repeat it at WSU so they can start the college chemistry sequence when they desire.

What science should I take?

We encourage you to take challenging science classes throughout high school. While there is no “best” science course to take in high school, rigorous chemistry courses will give you the best preparation for the courses you will encounter in your health professionals curriculum at college.

However, you can also take any science course that both interests and challenges you, whether it is biology, geology, chemistry, or any other science. The important concept is that you are gaining the study skills and basic information that will help you be successful in your college career.

Are English and social sciences courses important?

Yes! Students applying to most professional schools will need English, psychology, and other social science courses to be considered qualified.

What about taking AP or International Baccalaureate courses in high school?

It’s always a good idea to take honors and AP courses, or complete an IB, because of the outstanding college preparation they provide. However, not all professional schools accept high school AP courses to meet prerequisite requirements for admission to their school.

What else can I do to prepare?

Professional schools consider the “whole person” in their decision process for admissions. Although grades and test scores are important, so are many other factors. Continue your school activities, consider shadowing a health-care professional, take advantage of opportunities to learn about diverse cultures, engage in community service.  All of these will provide you with a diversity of experience that will make you a better-qualified health-care practitioner.

Math Placement

Learn more about the ALEKS Math Placement Exam at WSU.

Visiting Campus?

Whether you come to Pullman for a campus tour or are just exploring on your own, the Health Professions Student Center should be on your schedule.