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WSU Health Professions Student Center Pre-Medicine

Students examining plastic human body parts


Pre-Medicine specialist:

Lourdes Giordani (last names A-K)
Cathryn Hogarth (last names (L-Z)



The preparation program at WSU is among the most comprehensive in the nation and offers many opportunities for students to interact and succeed. Because there are many ways to prepare for a career in medicine, we are here to help you map out the path that is best for you.

+ Medical School Requirements

  • Completion of prerequisite courses (check with each medical school)
    GPA: 3.5 + higher
    MCAT Scores: Test is made up of 4 sections scored between 118-132. Total ranging from 472-528. You want to get 508+ to be in the top 75th percentile of a large range of schools.
    Letters of Evaluation: 2 from science professors, 1 from an additional professor, 1-2 from physicians, 1 from a person who knows you well. Each should write about your integrity, judgement, ethics, reliability, strengths and weaknesses.
    Experience: Significant time spent volunteering, evidence of leadership experience, research and shadowing physicians.
    Compassion: Evidence of honest, forthright concern and empathy for the sick, elderly, injured, or disabled.
    Personal statement: Your opportunity to make a case as to why you are the best candidate. Incorporate why you want to be a physician, steps you have taken to accomplish this goal (reflection), provide background information, explain special situations, and describe where you see yourself in the future.
    The personal interview: Evaluation of students may include several 30-60 minute personal interviews used to assess the applicant’s maturity, motivation, communication skills, knowledge of the profession, and desire to contribute to society through medicine. MMI’s are also common.

+ Prerequisites for Medical School

+ Helpful Links

Enrichment programs and health career information

Explore health careers

Post-baccalaureate premedical programs

Aspiring Docs

Student Doctor Network

Allopathic & Osteopathic


MCAT essential reading REQUIRED prior to registering for the MCAT | pdf

MCAT home

Preparing for the MCAT exam

  • Example writing topics
  • Descriptions of each section
  • Information on overall scoring including scaling of raw scores
  • Tips on setting up a study plan


Allopathic medical schools and application services

AMCAS Applicant main page

  • Links to allopathic medical schools that use AMCAS
  • Student applicant handbook
  • FAQ

Application service for Texas, Medical, Dental and Veterinary Schools

Combined degree programs

Demographic Data Allopathic & MCAT

Osteopathic medical school and application services


    • Links to osteopathic medical schools that use AACOMAS
    • College Information Book
    • Student applicant worksheet includes items from the online application that take some time to complete
    • Student applicant checklist
    • FAQ

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