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WSU Health Professions Student Center Student FERPA Consent Form for Access to Educational Records

Access to Student Educational Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), affords certain rights to students concerning the privacy of, and access to, their education records. Students may choose to complete and submit the below form allowing the release of their education records to specified third parties. This form authorizes Washington State University to release education records to to third parties; it does not obligate Washington State University to do so. Washington State University reserves the right to review and respond to requests for release of education records on a case-by-case basis.

In order for the below form to be reviewed, it must be completed fully and accurately by the student and submitted in one of two ways:

  • the student may submit the form in-person to the Health Professions Student Center in the Smith Center for Undergraduate Education building (CUE), room 502 to the administrative personnel at the front desk


  • the form may be sent via email to from the student’s Washington State University email address. The form may not be sent from an email address not belonging to the student who filled out the form or from a non-Washington State University email. 

Click here to download the FERPA Consent Form